Email FAQ

What is an SPF record?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by detecting email spoofing and verifying the sender’s IP Address.  Email clients use the DNS (Domain Name System) to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain's administrators.

Why do I need to set this up?

SPF is an extension to Internet e-mail. It prevents unauthorized people from forging your email address. SPF information allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain. By creating a specific TXT record in your DNS (Domain Name System) you allow email clients to verify the message is being sent from you, and not a unauthorized sender.  Adding an SPF record will increase your email reliability, thus increasing deliverability.

Tips! You need to insert the SPF record information in a TXT record on your DNS. Do NOT use the SPF resource type as that has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

The email address you create to be your from address should NOT be a real address that receives messages. This email address is for sending purposes only.

Setup Example

As an example, might be configured like this: IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ~all"

This allows the DNS "A" record, all registered MX records, and anything in the SPF record in to work. Email/DNS administrators may need substantially different settings depending on their needs.