Legacy Contest FAQ

What is Custom Branding vs. Auto Branding?

When deciding how to brand your contest, you have the ability to insert custom HTML, known as Custom Branding, or using a scrape page/wrapper, known as Auto Branding.

Custom Branding


If you choose to use custom branding, you will need a copy of all of the code that goes around the content of the page, the Upickem token {UPICKEM}. The main things you would need are everything outside of the pink box depicted in the above screenshot.

When using custom branding, you will need to fix all links and references to be absolute instead of relative. An absolute path includes the full URL of the link including the domain name.

For example a graphic would be referred to by :




You can update the branding anytime you like, as often as you like by pasting in new text or editing the existing text. You will indicate the location of the contest by inserting the following token: {UPICKEM}.

Auto Branding

With the auto branding option, things are a bit easier to maintain. With this option, all you would need is a link to a page, the scrape page or wrapper, that has the branding on it and a space at least 600px wide with the Upickem token in it, {UPICKEM}.

Heads Up! This type of branding will need to be created within your organization's CMS. It may be helpful to reach out to your internal web team to help you get this set up.

The page we would need should look similar to this screen shot:


The white box with the token represents where the contest it self would appear.

Here is an example of an auto branding URL: http://files.secondstreetmedia.com/support/jen/auto.html

You would mostly likely contact your designer or webmaster to assist in creating an auto branding URL.

The things you need from them are the following:

- The code that is needed to brand or skin the site broken into 2 groups

The first group will be what should go along the top and left of the contest. The second group will be what goes beneath and to the right of the contest

- A URL that takes you to a page that is blank where you would like the contest to live