General FAQ

Why is the Entry/Registration Form Not Displaying All of the Fields Added?

Our promotions utilize Smart Registration - a feature that helps to lower a promotion's barrier to entry.  The feature is enabled for forms with multiple pages. After a user inputs their Email Address, they are moved to subsequent pages and will only be presented with fields they have not previously provided data for in the past.

For Example:

An entry form is set up with Email Address on the first page, then First Name, Last Name, and Postal Code on the second page. If a user has already provided information for those fields in the past, they would be immediately taken to the Thank You Page after they enter their Email Address on the first page. Users would only be presented with fields on the second page if they have not provided information for those fields in the past.


Tip! Smart Registration can be disabled for specific fields by dragging and dropping them to page one of the form.

Why use Smart Registration?

Using smart registration reduces the barrier to entry for returning users who have participated in your past promotions. Doing so makes it more likely for these returning users to complete the registration process, and allows them to reach the fun, engaging content they are looking for much faster. 

Tip! Data from form fields not shown to returning users will still be included in your contest reporting.