ProFootball General Info

What is the Survivor Game?

The Survivor Game is a game-within-the-game that is an option within the ProFootball contest.

How the Survivor Game Works

If the Survivor game is enabled on your site, users will be asked to pick the one team they think is most likely to win its game this coming week.

If that team wins, then the user is able to play the next week. If that team loses, the user is then entered in the Second Chance contest, where they will compete with other players that got a single pick wrong.

If the user selects correctly and does advance, the list of teams will no longer include the team picked in the previous week. The list will get shorter as the season progresses making it more difficult to choose a winner as the same team cannot be used twice.

Once a second wrong pick is made, the entrants can play for fun for the rest of the season. There is a drawing at the end of the season for all players that make picks each week after getting two wrong picks.

To be eligible for this game, users must sign up before the start of the last game of the first week. If a user signs up late, they will have to choose from amongst the teams remaining.

The Survivor contest runs through week 17 - it does not include the playoffs. The national Survivor Game has the following prizes : Overall - $500 Amazon gift card, Second Chance - $200 Amazon Gift card, Drawing Prize - $100 Amazon Gift card.

Is there an option to offer a local prize for the Survivor game?

Yes, you can offer a local prize for the Survivor portion of the contest. The winner will be chosen at the conclusion of the regular season. You can also offer a Second Chance prize and a Drawing Prize for those with two or more wrong picks. These prizes can be entered within the Enter Prizes tab.

Do I have to call it 'Survivor'?

No, you can change the name to anything you like. It can be sold to a sponsor and called 'ABC Sponsor's Contest' for example.

Do we have to offer the Survivor contest?

No, you can disable the contest at anytime via the check box on the Enter Prizes tab. However, you must disable it before the season starts.