What Type of Ballot Should I Choose?

Second Street allows you to select from a Nomination and Voting Ballot (Two Phase) or a Voting Ballot (Single Phase).

Nomination and Voting Ballot

A Nomination and Voting Ballot can be thought of as a two-phase ballot, as there are two separate rounds - a nomination phase where users can submit entrants to be voted on later, and a voting phase, where users return to the ballot to vote on their favorites. This ballot type allows you to moderate your ballot to approve nominations from your first phase for the voting round of your ballot. 

In a Nomination and Voting Ballot, users can vote on: 

  • Seeded Entrants (created by you) and Write-Ins (submitted by users)
  • Write-Ins Only
  • Seeded Entrants Only

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Get Started: Create a Nomination and Voting Ballot

Voting Ballot

A Voting Ballot is a single phase ballot as there is only one round for participation. You can seed the ballot with entrants, allow users to write in entries that you can approve to the ballot, or both!

In a Voting Ballot, users can vote on: 

  • Seeded Entrants (created by you) and Write-Ins (submitted by users)
  • Write-Ins Only
  • Seeded Entrants Only

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Get Started: Create a Voting Ballot

Common Questions When Choosing a Ballot

  • I want to run a ballot with only one round, but I want users to be able to also be able to nominate their own entries. Which ballot should I use?
      • You should use a Voting Ballot! This ballot type is run within one voting round but also allows for write-ins.
  • Can I change to a different ballot type once I've started my ballot?
      • No, once you begin with one ballot type, it cannot be changed. However, you can use your entrants report to create a new ballot.
  • How much time should I allow for each round, and for in-between rounds?
      • We generally recommend approximately 3-4 weeks for any nomination or voting round, and 1-3 weeks for gaps between rounds. This allows ample time for your team to moderate your ballot, sell additional featured entrants, and promote your ballot for returning users. We recommend following these 10 Steps to Prepare for Your Ballot's Voting Phase.
  • I want to run a Nomination and Voting Ballot, but will only want to advance a specific number of nominees to my voting round. Can this be done?
      • The platform does not allow you to pre-select a number of entrants to advance to a voting round, but you do have full control over how which nominees will advance by using ballot moderation. Only entrants that you Approve for Ballot will be advanced to future rounds. Learn more about Moderating your ballot. 
  • Do both ballot types allow for the same opportunities for sponsorship - including ads and enhanced listings?
  • Is there a difference with how winners are displayed for each ballot type?
      • No. Both ballot types will display winners in the same structure. The number of winners and how they are referred to (Winner, Champ, etc.) are set by you in the ballot setup