Using Your Template

What to do After You Create Your Template



After you finish creating your template, you will now use it to create emails. To do this, you’ll need to go to the Email tab and create a new email of any type.

On the Message step of the email setup, you’ll choose a template. Your custom template will be located here.

Tip! When you view your template in the email designer, you will only see the first 3 items in the preview, no matter how many articles you created in the template. This is because by default the email designer preview will only load 3 empty items.


Now you can edit the actual content of your email via the flyout menu to the right of the preview. You can edit text and images, as well as turn various elements on or off.

If you created any custom content blocks for images, buttons, or text, these will always appear under Header & Body.

If you create a newsletter email type, you will be able to turn on Section Header text and a Footer Logo, which are specific to that email type. These are elements you can only turn on or edit from the email designer.