General FAQ

Why is my Facebook Published Promotion not appearing?

The following steps can help you successfully publish your promotion to Facebook if you encounter the following dilemmas:

- Your Facebook publish is displaying as Live within the partner tool, but it is not appearing on your Facebook page

- Your promotion has published to your Facebook page, but it is displaying an error

- The end date of your Facebook publish has passed, but you would like to extend the time your promotion is published to Facebook

Remove the Facebook Publish

Facebook publish removal-1

- Go the Publish step of your contest

- Click on the three dot menu to the right of the Facebook Publish and select Remove

- Select Yes, I want to permanently remove this Facebook Page, then select OK, Remove

- Click Save at the bottom of the page

Re-Adding your Facebook Publish

You will want to re-add your Facebook Publish just as you have done previously, with one change. You will need to adjust the Start Date to a time in the future.


Add your Facebook Page then select the three dot menu to the right and choose Edit.



In the modal that appears, edit the Start Date to be a time in the future. This can be as soon as 5-10 minutes in the future. For example, if it is 10:00am, you can set the start time to 10:05am.

Next, select Done to close the modal and save your changes by selecting Save at the bottom of the page.