Email FAQ

Why is my test message not matching what is setup in the email designer?

When testing your messages, there are a number of reasons why a campaign could look different than the preview you see in the template designer.

Different email clients are built with different rendering engines, meaning, they will all render the HTML of an email differently. There are numerous devices, browsers, clients, and versions, so it is unrealistic to expect exactly the same result for each possible scenario.

Due to the number of different scenarios, it's best to focus on designing your emails to render best for the majority of audience members. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Use one of Second Streets pre-made templates

All of Second Street's templates have been tested to look the best in the majority of common email clients.

Test thoroughly

Open your email in a variety of email clients to make sure it looks up to par. Also, make sure your browser and email client are updated to their most recent versions. 

Avoid conveying your message through images

Many email clients do not render images by default. If the majority of your message is an image or graphic, it's possible the message won't be received.

If you're noticing differences while using Outlook, read more about how Outlook renders emails.

If you believe there is a problem with the text editor or  WYSIWYG you're using in the designer, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team for assistance.