Domains - Your Organization's Domain

Within the Domains section, you will be able to edit or create new subdomains. These are the URLs that contests will live on if you choose have your promotions hosted by Second Street.

Note: Any subdomain you create will have the structure of This structure cannot be changed.

If you'd like the promotion to appear on your own custom domain, we'd recommend that you embed it using a promotion's Publish step.

Add a new Subdomain

To create a new subdomain, scroll to the Domains section and click Add Subdomain. You have the option of making your new subdomain your default setting.

Default Domain update

Editing and Removing a Subdomain

You can click into any existing subdomain to set it as your default site. You can also click the Remove button to delete that subdomain from your account. 

Edit and Remove subdomain

Heads Up! The platform will not allow you to edit the text/name of an existing domain. Instead, you will need to create a new subdomain with the desired text. 

Default Domain

This domain will serve as the default site for all of your newly created promotions. All domains that you have created will be listed as options on the Publish step of your contest. You can choose from any of your created domains when setting up your contest by selecting the appropriate radio button. 

Publish Step domains

Heads Up! If you delete a subdomain that is being used by a promotion, the promotion will switch the domain to your current default subdomain. If you are providing a direct link to a contest that is published on, make sure to update the link so that users can still access your live contest.